How does The SOUL Record® work?

The SOUL Record® is a flexible toolkit which utilises two main methodologies - Questionnaires and Worksheets – collating data to evidence soft outcome progression.

The Questionnaires have been rigorously tested, are evidence-based and quality assured.  Each consists of around 20 positive statements for self-assessment by the Client.  Questionnaires provide the framework for support.

Worksheets focus on specific issues; to be discussed in depth with the Client and taken forward as Goals and Actions.  The Worksheets show the changes in the Client’s perception of the issues faced; a positive means of progression.

Goals and Actions can be set for the Client and for the Practitioner; agreeing the way forward.  As Actions are completed and Goals achieved, the Client can identify with more statements on the Worksheets. This progression impacts when the Questionnaires are repeated (we recommend a minimum of three iterations) and the original scores improve.

The SOUL Record® automatically collates the data into visual graphs as evidence of progression, with each Questionnaire presented as a separate line. The graphs can be printed out and offered as evidence of progression and impact to the Client, funding organisations and at quality reviews including Ofsted.